Satisfied Candidates, Happy Customers

Contingent Workforce Support Services

Onboarding, Payroll, Insurance and HR Management

Avoid administration and accelerate your growth

Solopreneurs & Startups

Emerge and compete in your respective industry or vertical

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Talent Management Providers

Maintain compliance while maximizing scalability

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Run lean and efficient while reducing overall risk

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Sole Practitioners

Solopreneurs & Startups

Enhance and Elevate

Deliver on par with your largest competitors. Stay focused on core business tasks, add top-line revenue, gain new clients and grow. Use Headcount to:

  • Eliminate time spent on non-income related tasks
  • Minimize out-of-pocket costs to maximize revenue
  • Stay focused on client delivery and relationships
  • Scale and automate invoicing for subscription software services (SaaS)
  • Maximize all efforts on building talent pools
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Talent Management Providers: Staffing Agencies, MSP, RPO, VMS

Grow at Your Pace

Lacking internal resources and high turnover can quickly disrupt growth and profit trajectory. Our support solutions scale with your operations to fast-track your expansion. Headcount can:

  • Provide a single source for employee payroll, compliance and insurance needs across the U.S., Canada and Europe
  • Complete resource management from onboarding to completion of assignment
  • Absorb EOR requirements including HR, legal, payroll and insurance


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Small to medium sized agencies
Enterprise business support


Run Lean and Efficient

Eliminate risk and redundancies throughout your company to maintain your competitive edge. Headcount streamlines contingent hiring of all volumes: 

  • Reduce back-office performance gaps to elevate efficiencies and compliance
  • Support and grow operations, even in the shifting economies
  • Streamline payroll processes, driving cash flow throughout the organization
  • Lower operational and overhead costs to protect financial health
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Employer of Record E-Book: A Roadmap to Accelerated Staffing Agency Growth

Outsourcing relevant functions to an Employer of Record (EOR) provider optimizes your staffing agency's compliance, efficiencies, and profits, all while lowering overall corporate risk. This e-book will give you an understanding of different types of EOR services, the differences of their solutions, and the most important factors to consider when comparing providers.