Taking on your risk while you recruit

Harness the power of The Back Office to lower costs, drive compliance, maintain EOR status, and grow your business — without financial risks to your business. 

Staffing Companies Know ADP Alone Isn’t Enough

Many Benefits - No Financial Risks

If you’re just doing ADP or payroll alone, you’re doing it wrong AND you’re doing way too much yourself. The Back Office breaks down silos at your staffing agency so your payroll and operations coexist in one place.

With everything under one roof, you receive up-to-date KPI reports, which helps lower your overhead costs, saving time and money, enabling you to grow your business.

✔ Onboarding
✔ Timekeeping
✔ Payroll
✔ Invoicing
✔ Reporting
✔ Compliance
✔ Accrual Management
✔ Human Resources
✔ Employee Access
✔ Work Orders

Starting at 2.5% of invoice!

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