In every business, client billing and collections are vital to success.

Billing machine: we get things paidHeadcount handles all the administrative tasks involved once a placement is made and will handle the following processes:

  • Run credit checks on all client companies to ensure a company’s creditworthiness.
  • Provide all client companies with general payment information to initiate billing cycle
  • Gather all associated billing and payment information
  • Fund weekly contractor payroll
  • Send clients a weekly electronic invoice with your firm contact information
  • Collect and post payments
  • Remit recruiter profits
  • Provide recruiters with weekly reports to show outstanding invoices and payments received
  • Create reports to track individual recruiter commissions
  • Web based Client Center and Employee Hub detailing all reports, invoices, payments, & employee information
  • Assign dedicated Headcount accounts representative
Headcount has a dedicated team focused on prompt collection of accounts receivable.

We consider client payments a priority. As the payroll process comes to completion each week, your Client Companies will be billed and you will receive recruiter profits as invoices are paid. Headcount will fund your contractor’s payroll, and provide the quickest turnaround of the profits made from each placement.

Headcount ensures all client companies are reviewed for creditworthiness prior to acceptance. Additionally, Headcount monitors these firms periodically to detect changes in their credit ratings as the goal is always to eliminate the need for collections.

We understand the importance of knowing how to price each assignment correctly. The nuances of temporary and contract assignments are vital — if an assignment is not priced correctly, a staffing firm may lose money. Our flat-fee pricing allows staffing firms to understand their costs and profit margins, making it easier to price projects properly while using less internal overhead. Check out your profit margins with our free Gross Profit Calculator. 

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Even in today’s business climate, we boast over a 95% realization/collection rate. Our dedicated in-house collections team understands how to effectively work with client companies so that receivables are paid on time while respecting the importance of your client relationships. While you are nurturing your client relationships, we are working with the Accounts Receivables and HR departments on your behalf to ensure we understand their schedules and processes.

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