Headcount Helps Commercial Delivery Organization Thrive During Rapid Growth Spurt

Case Study

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    Headcount Management's client, a commercial delivery organization, experienced explosive growth due to COVID-19. The organization's workforce quickly grew to 30 employees, putting extensive strain on its existing resources, technologies, and payroll process. Ultimately, the business owner struggled to payroll employees promptly, accurately, and compliantly. Additionally, as the company grew, employees wanted benefit options as part of their compensation package. However, the owner lacked the time and internal resources needed to investigate benefit programs and plans effectively. Instead, he opted to pay his workforce a higher salary/rate to enable them to source their own benefits.


    Headcount partnered with the commercial delivery organization to develop a customized Employer of Record (EOR) solution designed to meet its specific onboarding and payroll needs.
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    Headcount assumed responsibility for and onboarded all 30 employees as the Employer of Record. The client saw an immediate impact across several key performance indicators, such as:


    Headcount Management's customized solution had a flat, monthly fee. A standardized monthly rate helped the client proactively manage his budget, and the overall expenditure was less than running several internal processes.

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    Headcount's EOR strategy extended the company's human resources functionality and capabilities. By serving as an extension of the company and building out its infrastructure, Headcount managed to streamline workflows and optimize employee efficiencies.

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    As the Employer of Record, Headcount Management assumed all payroll, tax, and compliance responsibility for the company's workforce, eliminating the client's risk.


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    Most importantly, Headcount's EOR solution immediately increased available bandwidth for internal resources. Headcount's team of back-office and EOR professionals managed workforce-related processes, enabling the business to focus on core competencies and business growth.

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