We help staffing agencies and companies of all sizes grow and scale. Build a contract workforce via our PEO/EOR back office solutions.

Solopreneurs & Startups

Cost-effective infrastructure, resource support and analytics that enable growth.

Talent Management Providers

Scale efficiently while bottom line metrics remain steady and fully supported.


Capitalize on size and scale. Run more efficiently, hire faster, and manage HR, compliance, and payroll from a single platform.


An Employer of Record service can help you grow your staffing agency while improving compliance & efficiency.

Outsourcing relevant functions to an Employer of Record (EOR) provider optimizes your staffing agency's compliance, efficiencies, and profits, all while lowering overall corporate risk. This e-book will give you an understanding of different types of EOR services, the differences of their solutions, and the most important factors to consider when comparing providers.

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Solopreneurs & Startups

Identify and grow your workforce by leveraging our infrastructure, innovation and expertise as your own. Use our time, energy and resources while you build your business.

  • Seamless onboarding, payroll, invoicing, reporting and HRIS tools
  • Outsource Consultant and Employee compliance
  • Eliminate legal, tax and HR burdens, realize profits faster
  • Offload all "post acceptance" employee management and focus on top line growth

Helping sole practitioner and startup staffing agencies

Talent Management Providers: Staffing Agencies, MSP, RPO, VMS

With growth comes the potential for increased risk and inefficiency. Headcount's back office solutions assist staffing agencies of all sizes, managed service providers (MSP), vendor management systems (VMS), recruitment process outsourcing companies (RPO), and freelance management platforms deliver total talent management solutions to their clients, anywhere in the world. 

Our back office solutions include:
  • Bulk onboarding capabilities
  • Project and workforce reporting, dashboards and analytics
  • System integration and data exchange
  • Eliminating reporting and administrative gaps
Small and Medium Sized Staffing Agencies


Use size to your advantage and scale using our talent/employee management and BPO solutions. Optimize efficiency, protect profit margins and keep acquisition costs low in any job economy. 

  • Reduce operational and talent acquisition costs
  • Leverage your internal staff to find talent
  • Maintain flexibility within your workforce
  • Increase access to a higher level skill sets
  • Benchmark and track key staffing metrics
  • Adapt and adjust to market shifts
  • Eliminate employer risk while reducing excessive overhead
Back office and payroll solutions for Enterprise businesses

Protect Your Staffing Business with Our Free Vendor Non-Compete Form & Guide

Is Your EOR Secretly A Competitor?

Protect your staffing agency by requiring your EOR provider to sign a non-compete, non-disclosure, non-solicitation agreement. Our free guide will also show you how to properly vet potential vendors to ensure there isn't a conflict of interest.

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Safeguard your staffing agency from EORs with a conflict of interest

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Headcount delivers customized Employee Management solutions to companies of all sizes.  Launch, grow and perfect your operations.

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