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Employees are your biggest asset.

Experience worry-free hiring with our comprehensive back office solutions. We Onboard, Insure & Payroll Employees while offering fully compliant Timekeeping, Payroll Funding and tailored weekly reporting. 

Utilize our Back Office Outsourcing platforms to allow teams to focus on talent acquisition without being limited by location and the burdens of costly administrative tasks associated with hiring.  

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Service Plans

The Full Monty

Employer of Record (EOR)

Headcount Management's automated and affordable EOR solutions allow you to identify candidates and offload all employee responsibilities. We’ll expertly transition your candidates to our platform, absorb all legal responsibility while managing all administrative, legal, and compliance requirements.

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"PEO" on Steroids

Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Traditional PEO's don't fund payroll, create invoices or provide profit and KPI reporting. Headcount Management's Shared Employer PEO services offer our all-in-one EOR HR solution while your company maintains employee oversight and direction. Headcount streamlines operations with less vendors to manage, driving efficiency for your company.

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Empowering Gig Workers

Agency of Record (AOR)

Headcount Management's Agency of Record solutions seamlessly support your favorite Independent Contractors and Corporate Partners. Leverage all the benefits of our full-service plans and avoid employee legal and tax burdens. We handle all onboarding, IC compliance, oversight, payments and reporting to these entities.

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Use our Technology

The Back Office (TBO)

Harness the power of Headcount's Back Office Technology to onboard your employees, process payroll, invoices, and reports. Eliminate risk, high costs, and compliance concerns, while maintaining EOR status. Avoid getting bogged down with the high cost of an administrative back-office with our lowest cost solution for your growing business.

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Choose your adventure

Stand Alone Services

Only need help with onboarding/payroll management or invoicing/reporting? No problem. Let us know your journey and we'll tailor a solution for you. Many of our services are available on their own. Let's build your solution together.

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What's Included?

Employer of Record
Professional Employer
Organization (PEO)
Agency of Record
The Back Office
Stand Alone


Payroll Management




Invoicing and Reporting

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