Headcount as your Employer of Record will be responsible for providing workers’ compensation and general liability insurance.

good workers' compensation means happy employeesThere are many benefits to Headcount’s staffing insurance.

Workers Compensation:

  • Manage all costs of any injury at the workplace
  • Handle any injury claims
  • Collect all paperwork for injurie
  • Take care of any monthly or yearly audits.
  • Deal with lost wages for an employee.
  • Pay for approved medical expenses.

General Liability:

  • Address unpreventable accidents that happen to any business
  • Have peace of mind that you are covered under multiple situations.
  • Cover the cost of investigating claims.
  • Cover the cost of damage to property caused by an employee.
  • Can provide a certificate of liability insurance to clients.
Know that you’re covered— anytime, anywhere— with Headcount’s Staffing Insurance.

Given the transient nature of contract staff it is imperative that each employee is properly covered by the best insurance and that the risks of certain types of employees (and associated cost) are directly calculated into profits.  Headcount’s workers’ compensation coverage is the most cost effective and covers both clerical and professional related positions in both the US and Canada. This flexibility allows your firm to place any type of candidate anywhere in North America.

Additionally, when client companies need to be additional insured on our general liability policy, we are happy to accommodate.

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