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Staffing Solutions

Time collection tracked, recorded, and reported to you.

Comprehensive processing and issuing of payroll checks.

Timely submission of local, state, and federal payroll taxes.

Workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

General liability insurance.

Professional administration of all HR functions.

Health benefits for your hires in full ACA compliance.

Get to the Heart of Human Resources

Let Headcount handle the paperwork
Successful agencies elevate the employee experience to add value to the client relationship.

Candidate turnover costs your agency immediate loss of  revenue, as well as future placement opportunities with your client.

Clear employee policies, reliable pay and reimbursements, and personal attention build loyalty.

Exceptional service & fully-compliant filings, without the hassle.

With over 25 years of experience in the staffing and recruiting industry, we understand the importance of hassle-free assignments. We thrive on elevating the employee experience as we know it helps to reinforce YOUR client relationships.

How important is employee support? According to a recent Gallup survey, employees who felt “cared for” showed higher engagement and stayed longer. Higher employee engagement also leads to greater company profitability, higher productivity and lower absenteeism. (Source: The Coming Jobs War, by Jim Clifton, Chairman of Gallup).


Our Human Resource Support and Management infrastructure allows us to manage the ever-changing complexities that accompany employing contract employees.

Headcount provides employees on assignment with an employee hotline and online portal, direct deposit, cash cards or live checks, and the ability to be paid by multiple companies in a given week. In addition to assisting your employees we also handle investigating and processing claims for Unemployment and Workers’ Compensation and general liability insurance coverage. Headcount also manages all HR functions and provides ACA compliant health benefits.

Our comprehensive “Employer of Record” coverage gives you the ability to expand your contract business without limits, as you no longer need to worry about workers’ comp codes, funding, expanding existing insurance coverage, or geographic boundaries.

Headcount HR Services encourage employee engagement to help you reduce turnover.

Affordable ACA Compliant Employee Health Care

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires all employers to offer health care coverage or pay penalties AND all employees must also accept coverage or face a tax penalty.

The fact is, all health care options are not created equal! Those big PEOs are under heavy government regulations, and as a result, their employee health insurance options cost more.

Headcount provides affordable ACA compliant health care, while also managing the paperwork and processing involved to keep your employees covered! We offer top-level individual comprehensive healthcare benefits and continually monitor federal requirements to remain fully ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliant. See plan details

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