Take all the administrative tasks associated with contract employees off your desk and put them into our hands.
Here's what you'll get in return:
Staffing Solutions

A team of U.S.-based administrative professionals, trained and up-to-date on all compliance requirements and protocols.

A contracted schedule for the completion of all deliverables.

24 / 7 status reporting when you need it.

Seamless integration under your company name for Invoicing, Collection, and AP.

A single point of contact for adjustments and modifications.

The Hard Truths of the Staffing Business:

back office support to keep your desk clean
The administrative tasks required to run your operation consume resources without generating profitManaging back office employees takes time away from making new contacts and developing relationships Mistakes in time collection, client invoicing, and tax & insurance filings can devastate your profitability.

Don’t let these tasks stand in the way of achieving your potential — in both growth & profitability.

  • Following applicable federal and state regulations regarding payroll and invoices, worker’s compensation, unemployment and disability, as well as sales tax, in municipalities where applicable
  • Handling all garnishments and child support issues should they arise
  • Providing employment and wage verification as requested
  • Managing time and attendance as it relates to paid time off accrual
  • Creating the necessary weekly, quarterly, & annual reports
  • Background checks and drug screens

What if your staffing business could operate with mostly recruiters and relationship-builders as full time employees? How would that look?


  • Every team member is focused on your core business
  • No more distractions from administrative bottle-necks
  • Each employee’s performance is tied to revenue results
  • Your business is scalable

You can transform your business into this ideal state, where growth is simply a matter of replicating what you do best.

Headcount’s back office support systems empower staffing firms to source, screen, and place the best candidates that fit the job requirements for your clients, rather than spend time on managing contract employees’ day-to-day needs, payroll, benefits, and collections, or the various vendors who may handle these responsibilities on your behalf.

Remove the Tasks that Impede Your Firm's Growth and Success.
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