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Staffing firms prefer partnering with Headcount for both temporary and contract business: Headcount’s bundled services, industry expertise, and advisory assistance make more business and economic sense than using PEO’s, lending institutions, factors, or payroll companies. Whichever services you need, Headcount can help.

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…Employer of Record

To make employee management more effortless and streamlined, you can choose to have Headcount be your Employer of Record. If your firm prefers to act as the Employer of Record and would like Headcount to handle the remaining back office functions, those services are also available.

When Headcount is the Employer of Record we are responsible for time collection, issuing payroll checks, submitting local, state, and federal payroll taxes, and assuming other employment related responsibilities such as providing workers’ compensation, general liability and all other required insurance coverage. Headcount also manages all HR functions and offers supplemental health benefits.

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…Back Office Support

Put our U.S. Based administrative team to work for you, maintaining records, handling claims, and ensuring compliance.

A single point of contact and up-to-date status reporting make it easy.

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…Payroll Services

Put our Reuters-based all-in-one solution to work for you. Our Payroll & Insurance professionals keep you compliant with the latest tax and withholding requirements.

Let Headcount take on these tasks and filing deadlines to remove your exposure to fines and penalties.

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…Payroll Funding

Headcount’s Payroll Funding Program has no minimums and no set-up fees.

As the staffing industry’s only single-source solution with comprehensive recruiting and staffing expertise, Headcount understands the importance of affordable, accurate, and comprehensive payroll funding service.

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…Worker’s Compensation, General Liability & Other Insurances

With Headcount as your Employer of Record, we are responsible for providing workers’ compensation insurance coverage, general liability and all other required insurance coverage to employees.

Additionally, when client companies need to be additional insured on our general liability policy, we are happy to accommodate.

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…Human Resource Support & Management

Headcount can do it all: payroll, insurance, employee benefits, record maintenance, and compliance issues. Let us provide professional administration of all your HR functions, while you focus on growing your business.

With over 25 years of experience in the staffing and recruiting industry, we understand the importance of hassle-free assignments.

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…Employee Benefits

Headcount provides affordable ACA compliant health care, while also managing the paperwork and processing involved to keep your employees covered! We offer comprehensive individual healthcare benefits and continually monitor federal requirements to remain fully ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliant.

Our goal is to constantly elevate the employee experience. We regularly survey employees to ensure our service to them is effective and well received. Headcount provides employees on assignment with a 24/7 employee hotline and online portal, direct deposit, cash cards or live checks, and the ability to be paid by multiple companies in a given week.

Headcount’s Health Insurance Plans

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…Client Billing & Support

In every business, client billing and collections are vital to success.

As the payroll process comes to completion each week, Headcount will bill your Client Companies and send recruiter profits to you as invoices are paid. We eliminate the out-of-pocket costs of contractor’s payroll and taxes, providing the quickest turnaround of the profits made from each placement.

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…Online Activity Reporting with Client Center & Employee Hub

At Headcount, we pride ourselves on back-end technology specifically designed for the staffing and recruiting industry. Our clients are informed of their account activity via detailed weekly reports that are posted to password protected and secure portals.

Employees also use our secure web-based Employee Hub, to review their itemized weekly pay stubs, view tax information, and access our staff with any questions.

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…Out of State Placements

With Headcount, you can employ workers in both clerical and non-clerical positions throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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…Industry Expertise

With over 25 years of experience in recruiting back office administration, payroll services, and HR support and management, our team addresses the ever-changing financial and administrative needs of the staffing industry.

Unlike other firms that work within this space, our roots are in staffing and recruiting. Our team intimately understands your needs and works to empower you and your clients to achieve your goals.

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…Recruiter Tools

Headcount believes in helping you succeed. Check out some of the tools available for our clients, including a free-to-use online profit calculator.

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