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There are many key steps and critical moments to completing a successful hire, closing deals, and ultimately growing your talent and employee management business. From the job order to pricing strategy to the offer letter and onboarding, Headcount understands and supports every hiring milestone, including: 

  • Post-hire offer/assignment letters
  • Client work orders (SOW)
  • Employee onboarding
  • All tax- and compliance-related employee paperwork
  • Payroll paperwork and processing
  • Time collection tracked, recorded, and reported
  • Benefits and Workers’ Comp Insurance administration
  • General and professional liability insurance

New Employee Onboarding

There's a lot that goes into new employee onboarding. Collecting paperwork, tax documentation, benefits, and even client-specific training all come into play. Headcount handles the entire onboarding process to support a successful start with every contract. See our Onboarding Checklist.

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Background & Drug Screening

Every hire carries its own unique company requirements for background checks and drug screening. Most staffing firm owners don't have the time needed to complete these critical hiring components — but Headcount does. We have the resources, innovation, skills, and capabilities needed to perform background checks and drug screenings, so you can place contractors with confidence. 

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Payroll Management

Tired of being trapped in an endless cycle of paying your contractors while waiting for your clients to pay their invoices? We can help. Headcount specializes in customized payroll funding management solutions that grow and scale with your operations for seamless support, no matter what your volume. 

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Insurance & Workers' Comp

Maintaining up-to-date employee insurance and workers' compensation is critical to protecting your operations and contractors — but it's also time-consuming. As your chosen EOR, we manage all insurance processes and policies for full compliance and minimized risk.

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Employee Inquiries

Being available and able to answer employee inquiries optimizes efficiencies and drives overall candidate satisfaction levels. As your appointed HR resource, Headcount manages all employee questions to free up precious time to run, build, and grow your business. From start date to contract close and everything in between — we've got you covered.

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Exit Interviews

Exit interviews establish mission-critical intelligence about both the candidate and client components of a hire. But, like everything else, exit interviews consume precious time that most staffing firm owners simply do not have. At the end of every contract, Headcount will conduct a thorough assessment to ensure you have the data you need for future hires. 

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