No Shortcuts or Detours: A Roadmap to Accelerated Staffing Agency Growth

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An Employer of Record service can help you grow your staffing agency while improving compliance & efficiency.

A full-service Employer of Record solution allows staffing agencies to outsource multiple employee workflows, practices, and protocols — officially eliminating these burdens from your workload and responsibility. 

Comprehensive Employer of Record services manage both your processes and people for you, allowing you to: 

  • Prioritize Time Savings

  • Eliminate the Need for Multiple Providers

  • Stop Reactive Decision Making & Strategize for the Future

  • Maintain Compliance with Confidence

  • Reduce Effort & Resources on Back-Office Tasks & Paperwork
  • Focus on Growing & Scaling Your Staffing Business

Learn how Employer of Record services work and how to choose the right one.

Outsourcing relevant functions to an Employer of Record (EOR) provider optimizes your staffing agency's compliance, efficiencies, and profits, all while lowering overall corporate risk. Getting quotes from EOR providers plays a critical role in moving forward with the right vendor. However, when comparing costs, it’s important to note that all EOR contracts are not created alike. This e-book will give you an understanding of different types of EOR services, the differences of their solutions, and the most important factors to consider when comparing providers.

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