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Headcount Management's automated and affordable EOR solutions absorb responsibility for all of your candidates. We'll manage all administrative, legal, and compliance requirements (what we do best), giving you back time to do what you do best — increase your top-line revenues and grow profit margins.


Our Employer of Record Services:

  • Eliminate liability and risk associated with hiring contractors
  • Deliver customized, scalable solutions that grow and evolve with your business
  • Coordinate and execute all tax, payroll, and legal requirements
  • Ensure complete employment compliance throughout contract duration

Our Role as Employer of Record

As the Employer of Record, Headcount Management employs candidates in positions throughout the U.S. and Abroad. Our flexible and agile EOR solutions allow our clients to grow their talent and employee management without limits and liabilities. Worker's comp codes, payroll funding, insurance coverage, compliance — Headcount does everything (but recruiting) to support your firm.


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HR & Employee Relations

Onboarding new hires, tracking missing paperwork, adjusting payroll, and overseeing day-to-day employee inquiries can cause major disruption in your firm's productivity. Headcount's HR professionals maintain employee relationships, elevating your agency's service excellence and candidate satisfaction levels.

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Payroll Management

You've got better things to do than chase timesheets and customer payments. Headcount's payroll management solutions ensure you don't have to. Our flat-rate fee offers automated coverage for accurate, reliable, stress-free payroll processing that keeps both clients and candidates happy throughout the duration of the contract. 


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Legal Responsibility

Navigating through federal and local employment legislation requires constant attention. At HCM, our EOR experts assume total legal responsibility for every hire at your talent and employee management business. We'll make sure that every contractor you place complies with the most updated laws and legislation, enabling you to expand your business without worry.

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Agent of Record

Headcount also serves as the Agent of Record (AOR) on behalf of our clients. In our role as AOR, our team of professionals acts as the intermediary between our client and each individual independent contractor (IC’s, C2C) and subcontracting company.  We'll provide payment, manage invoices, track and file tax documents, as well as handle a slew of other contractor, HR, and compliance functions. 


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