Back Office Support for Talent Management Providers

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Back office support

Administrative Expertise

Put our U.S. Based team to work for you.

No matter the size, scope, or industry of your business — overhead is overhead. Outsourcing back office support eliminates unnecessary expenses and hours of tedious paperwork, empowering you to maintain a laser-sharp focus on what matters most to your firm. Headcount's customized back office solutions offer:
  • U.S.-based administrative professionals, trained and compliant

  • A contracted schedule for the completion of all deliverables

  • 24 / 7 status reporting when and where you need it

  • Efficient integration of data with minimal disruption to internal processes
  • A single point of contact for adjustments and modifications

  • Contract negotiation and support

Payroll Management

Payroll can make or break any company. Headcount automates the payroll process, reducing redundancies, lowering operational costs and driving efficiencies throughout the entire payment cycle. Most importantly, our payroll solutions ensure that candidates and firms get paid in a timely manner. 

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All Insurances

Navigating through employee insurance claims increases a business owner's risk, costs, and non-productive work hours. Headcount's back office team serves as your Employer of Record, offering one flat client fee for all employee insurances. We manage the entire claim process to protect both your employees and your business.

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Taxes & Compliance

Tax legislation and compliance requirements are constantly shifting, particularly during rapid changes in the job market. Tax compliance lapses can result in unexpected fees and penalties. As your EOR, Headcount absorbs full tax responsibility for every employee, including filing and deposits, ensuring complete local and federal compliance at all times.  

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Accounts Receivable

Collecting money from clients can be intense. Headcount's Accounts Receivables services save you time and leverage cutting-edge technology to automate and accelerate the billing and payment cycle. Our back office solutions absorb all AR responsibilities to reduce staff size, trim excessive costs and drive cash flow to where it's needed most.

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HR & Employee Onboarding

A fast, accurate, efficient onboarding process promotes scalability for companies of every size. Our innovative HR & Onboarding capabilities support your expanding headcount, boosting operational flexibility and turnaround time between offer and assignment start. Most importantly, our HR solutions enable you to refocus on core competencies that fuel top-line growth.


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