Administrative and Professional Services for Talent Management Providers

No Back Office or Administrative Task Should Hinder Your Growth


Talent and Employee Management is Demanding

Deliver more when everything else is covered

It's hard to know everything you'll need to know when launching, building, and growing your staffing firm. We make it our mission to manage all back-office support and bridge any gaps where needed. Our robust and diverse suite of capabilities ensure that our partners have access to whatever EOR, Payroll, Funding, HR, Onboarding and Compliance services they need, when they need it.

We enable clients to:

  • Provide competitive payroll options no matter the size and vertical of your business

  • Make placements in any state/country regardless of where you are

  • Automate administrative processes that get in the way of sales and recruiting

  • Make client reporting easy and automatic

Worker's Comp

As your chosen EOR, Headcount Management assumes complete responsibility for delivering workers' compensation and all other insurances to your employees. As part of our comprehensive workers' comp solutions, Headcount handles injury claims, collects required documentation and manages all aspects should injuries be incurred in the workplace.

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Employee Benefits

Offering real employee benefits can often entice the most sought-after of employees. Headcount has developed customized affordable healthcare benefits for employees. Major Medical, Dental, Vision, Wellness, On-Call Med — whatever your benefits goals, we can help you execute your vision in a way that elevates the entire employee experience. View our benefits for W2 Contractors.

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Client Reporting

Data mining, analytics, and metrics are crucial to developing pipelines and key performance indicators. HeadCo uses cutting-edge, secure technology to develop customized client report designed specifically for businesses in the temp placement vertical. Aging schedules, profit activity, payroll trends—our specialists will create a mix of reports that deliver mission-critical operational insight.


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Out-of-State and International Placements

Don't let out-of-state and international obstacles limit the reach of your staffing agency. Headcount specializes in out of state employment requirements. We'll stay up to date on the latest legislation, helping you develop processes, protocols, and policies as needed to do expand your operations across state lines.

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Markup Calculator

Running a successful talent and employee management business demands more than sourcing top-tier professional talent—you must also competitively price your services. Headcount's Markup Calculator automates the process, helping our partners strike that careful balance between delivering client value and optimizing overall return on investment.

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